2011/05 – Nobby

Nobby (male)
admitted 9 Oct 10

pre-release 21 Mar 11
released 7 May 2011

weight : on admittance 266g, weight at pre-release 21 Mar 11 1068g

Nobby was an underweight Autumn juvenile, rescued from the Snuffle Lodge garden. He initially kept Munchkin, another Snape Wood hog, company, which had a positive effect on both hogs, as their weights both increased. However, Nobby increased far faster than Munchkin so they had to be separated. Nobby was wormed, and always remained a very calm, sedate hog who ate well, but who got ‘stuck’ on around 400g/410g for a while – this is quite normal and is usually followed by a big weight surge, and indeed by early November he’d burst through the 500g barrier. He has steadily put weight on and was nearly up to 700g by early December. He also started short spells of hibernation indoors in December. Come the time of his pre-release in March 2011 he’d blossomed into a kilo-hog, weighing in at a whopping 1068g before his move to the pre-release pens at Snuffle Lodge – and very smelly he was too : he had to have his very very pungent and disgusting towel with him before he’d even think about moving house… After a few days of crashing around he entered hibernation, like his fellow soft-releasee Johnny. After many weeks in a deep sleep he stirred on 6 May, when his pre-release pen was opened up allowing him access to the wild. He grabbed the opportunity the following night, spending an hour self-anointing by a fence before scuttling into one of the unenclosed and unoccupied hoggy houses. He’s now back where he belongs, in Snape Wood, his place of birth.