2011/04 – Happy

Happy (male)
admitted 4 Dec 10

pre-release 21 Mar 11
released 14 Apr 11

weight : on admittance 443g; weight at pre-release 21 Mar 11 1452g

Found out at night by the rescuers asleep in the food bowl in a garden in Woollaton, Happy had to stay with the rescuers for a few days due to the very snowy weather, making transportation to Snuffle Lodge impossible. The rescuers did a great job with Happy who arrived lively and alert, a far cry from the flat and cold hog they’d picked up. Happy was wormed and then moved into a brand new hutch which he has made his own. He never hibernated and whilst he was a shy hog, he was also very destructive, regularly grabbing double pages of the Sunday Times to fashion into an effective nest. He was also a bowl-tipper, with food and water invariably getting splashed everywhere. Soft released to Laura in Wilford, we were both staggered to read his pre-pre-release weight : a bone-crunching 1452g !!! Happy returned to the wild on 14 April and has not so far returned to his pre-release pen. We think he’ll go far…Watch out ladies, there’s a big boy in town !