2010/11 – Monty

Monty (male)
admitted 17 Sep 10
pre-release 18 Oct 10
released 12 Nov 10

weight : on admittance 372g, 18 Oct 10 648g (prior to pre-release)

Monty was found in the back garden here at Snuffle Lodge at 6.15pm, a little too early for our liking.

One of this year’s juveniles, Monty had at some stage suffered a broken rear right leg. It does not seem to have re-set correctly, although his mobility was not impaired in any way, and he was fully able to weight bear on it.

Unfortunately he developed an infection after four days, seemingly linked to worms, which was treated with antibiotics and wormer. Sadly, he started coughing and spluttering again on 3 Oct 2010, indicating a return to a worm infestation, so he began a second worming regime.

He gradually put weight on, and it was very slow progress at first as he was very fussy about what he ate. Thankfully, he started making more substantial weight gains, but his mealworm only diet was less than ideal,although he did show a vague interest in some meaty dog food cubes. He finally reached a safe hibernation weight on 14 October 2010, and moved into pre-release on Monday 18 October.

He remained in pre-release for nearly four weeks (longer than normal due to inclement weather) where he demolished about ten meaty cubes per night along with the obligatory mealworms. The pen was lifted on 12 November 2010 and rather than hanging around to make use of his cosy nest box, Monty ate his way around the garden and then returned to Snape Wood.

Monty was named by Patricia on our Facebook page.

Monty was one of the first wild hedgehogs to stir from hibernation in Spring 2011 and is still visiting the garden every night for his fill of kitten biscuits and mealworms.

Marking : white M on back