2010/10 – Chloe

Chloe (female)

admitted 15 Sep 10
pre-release 29 Sep 10
released 6 Oct 10

weight : on admittance 610g, prior to pre-release (29 Sep 10) 900g

A very wild hog with a missing right eye plus an inflamed toe on her front right paw, Chloe was discovered by the rescuers’ front door in Woodthorpe in daylight. They gave her access to food and water, and evidence that she was eating okay was discovered in the crate she was residing in (yes, we’re talking poo !).

Chloe curled into a tight ball as soon as anyone goes to pick her up (excellent reflexes) and it was quite an effort to get her to uncurl (the ‘bouncing’ trick to uncurl hogs as implemented at St. Tiggywinkle’s Wildlife Hospital works well), although she did relax a bit more once her treatment started.

She was seen by Dennis Jones at Byron Veterinary Clinic on 16 September who observed that the missing eye and an inflamed toe (caused by getting trapped in something) were old injuries and were not infected. He recommended a radical new treatment using a drug called F10, whereby a foot wash could be applied to her toe to ease the inflammation. No antibiotic cover was deemed necessary given there was no infection. She was a model patient and enabled us to treat her toes without any fuss or drama.

Chloe is a very alert hog, and was found to have very good eyesight in her left eye (she responded perfectly to a torch).

She always ate very well and was fond of sleeping out in the open in her cage.

Hogs with one eye are found to do okay in the wild, as long as they are able to tell the difference between night and day, which Chloe seems capable of.

Her daily foot treatment resulted in her toe becoming less swollen and more ‘hoggy’ coloured (moving to brown rather than inflamed and pink).

She was moved to pre-release on 29 Sep 10, where she displayed normal nocturnal hedgehog behaviour (she never comes out during the day). The pen was lifted on 6 Oct 10, and she returned herself to the wild on the night of 9 Oct 10.