2010/10 – Tiggy

Tiggy (female)
admitted 19 Aug 10
pre-release (in Wilford) 27 Sep 10
released (in Wilford) 11 Oct 10

weight : on admittance 110g; 27 Sep 10 (prior to pre-release) 740g


Prickle, Winkle and Tiggy’s mother had been found dead in a nearby garden a few days previously, but thankfully the rescuers from Aspley had put out dog food which kept the hoglets going. However, they were out during the day, an indication all was not well, although initial observations suggested it was sheer hunger driving them out in daylight hours.

Tiggy was also admitted with a spine root infection. This resulted in a follicular cyst at the base of the spine, and was drained and washed out by Ben at Byron Veterinary Clinic and was covered by antibiotics for a week.

From 24 August Tiggy started losing spines at an alarming rate, indicating an underlying mite problem. She was isolated from her siblings and treated with Ivermectin over a three week period (one drop per 60g bodyweight once per week) which brought this problem under control. Thankfully, she had not lost any fur so the problem was caught in time. She did have two distinct bald spots, one on her head, the other near her bum. The scabs all disappeared following treatment with Ivermectin, and she is regrowing her spines extremely well in these two areas. Indeed, the regrowth was so successful (and unexpected) she was able to be considered for pre-release earlier than thought – the original thinking was that she’d have to stay indoors for the whole of winter.


Tiggy started on prescription diet food (Hills A/D), but graduated to kitten food and was eating very well. She also became partial to dried mealworms, but showed little interest in kitten biscuits, unlike her brother and sister.


The terrible trio on 21 August

All three were slightly underweight for their age. Tiggy, whilst not losing any weight, took a long time to start making substantial weight gains. She had to be isolated from 23 August due to her mite infection.

Unhindered access to food enabled her to put weight on but it was very slow progress. However, she finally made substantial weight gains and was at 740g by 27 September 2010, ahead of pre-release.


The three of them initially lived together in a large indoor rabbit cage, and would pile up together under a fleece. However, with Tiggy not putting weight on and with a mite infection, she was isolated in a smaller indoor cage. She was moved to a larger indoor cage, and then eventually relocated to Laura’s home in Wilford on 27 September for her pre-release and eventual return to the wild, with suitable habitat nearby. Her pen was opened on 11 October and she hung around the garden until 2o October and has not returned since – touch wood she hibernated in the wonderfully quiet habitat near Laura’s home.