2010/09 – Horace

Horace (male)
admitted 19 Sep 10
released 20 Sep 10

weight : on admittance 936g

Horace was observed in a garden in the evening making a lot of odd noises and contorting, suggesting some sort of pain (possibly temporary pain such as constipation ?). The rescuer from Langley Mill kept him in overnight and brought him over to Snuffle Lodge the following morning. He was kept in for 36 hours for observation only but was found to be a perfect hedgehog in every way – feeding, drinking, defecation, urination, wild responses, behaviour. He was returned to the same garden in Langley Mill by the rescuers two days after being rescued and marked with Tippex so they can keep an eye on him. He was also treated with insecticidal powder as a preventative measure.