2010/07 – Angel

Angel (female)
rescued 7 June 2010
released 22 July 2010

Angel 18 June 2010

Angel on 18 June 2010 getting stuck in

Found by a couple out walking in Bestwood, Angel suffered a horrific set of bite wounds to her face, which were cleaned out immediately. She received antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injections and stayed on medication for three weeks.

The swelling caused by the injuries to the left side of her face caused her to lose the use of her left eye temporarily and it took several weeks for the swelling to reduce so her eye became visible again. Sight in the right eye was initially compromised but responded quickly to treatment. She now has an attractive scar above her nose, and another over her left eye.

She came in at 480g, but prior to pre-release had ballooned to approx 1.1 kg (although she was still able to roll up into a ball to protect herself). She is eating incredibly well, but initially restricted herself to mushy food (Hills A/D) as her injuries seemed to prevent anything more solid. After just over two weeks, she graduated to proper cat food with ‘chewy bits’ and is demolishing her food daily. She turns her nose up at all dried food, however, including every hedgehog’s favourite dried mealworms, although she recently displayed a love of raisins.

The prognosis was initially very guarded for this hog, but after a week this was upgraded by the vet to ‘fair to good’ and she was given the all clear a week later.

She is an incredibly feisty hedgehog which is great to see – if she doesn’t get fed on time, there’s usually hell to pay, with a full-scale running attack with copious biting of my hands, feet, legs or indeed anything which moves !

She went into pre-release on 8 July 2010, and the pen was lifted on 21 July 2010. She hung around until 25 July, when she returned herself to the wild at 10pm (after delivering a bite to Clayton’s big toe !).

(Marking : white chevron, like an A, towards rear end of back)