2010/06 – Bimble

Bimble (female)
rescued 5 May 2010

released into enclosed garden 23 June 2010

This little bundle of joy was spotted by Clayts from a bus on Crabtree Road, Bulwell.

For a start she was out during the day which is always a bad sign. A quick scoot home revealed her to be underweight (413g), dehydrated and with a broken right hind leg. She quaffed a huge amount of rehydration fluid, nibbled a few dried mealworms then had a snooze.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to repair the leg, so Bimble had it amputated and recuperated indoors at Snuffle Lodge for 6 weeks.

On 17 June she was moved to a pre-release enclosure,and a week later she moved to join Barney and friends at Kitty’s enclosed garden over in Derby, where she will spend the rest of her days.

A very speedy and satisfactory period of rehab indeed.