2009/08 – Herbert

Herbert (male)
rescued August 2009
released August 2009

A very poorly hedgehog, found out during the day by a lovely family from Hucknall one very wet Saturday.

Herbert had a very bad facial twitch, was sneezing regularly, had one very swollen and bulging eye, and one half-closed eye. He also had a huge tick in his ear.

A course of anti-biotics and wormer saw Herbert, who came in at 400g, rapidly improve and within two weeks he was in ‘pre-release’ at double the weight, and with eyes returned to normal and the tick removed. His twitch has all but gone.

Despite all the handling and administration of medication, Herbs was a bundle of happiness and joy, although as his strength was regained, he became ‘wilder’ (read ‘grumpier’ !).

Herbs was released three weeks after coming in, via pre-release, but chose to hang around the garden, residing in one of my three boxes, for a few months before disappearing back into the big wild world.

In Summer 2010, Herbert now lives in Snape Wood, and is usually the first hog to turn up for an evening munch in the garden of Snuffle Lodge.

(Marking : white line down middle of back)