2009/04 – Charlie

Charlie (male)
rescued November 2008
released April 2009

Charlie was an Autumn juvenile, and was discovered collapsed in Clayton’s garden, Snape Wood in Bulwell. Weight on admission 289g. Charlie had lungworm and also pneumonia.

A course of wormer and anti-biotics, and Charlie soon started piling the weight on, but stubbornly refused to hibernate (probably something to do with all the food he was eating !).

He was a very grumpy hedgehog indeed, and liked to ‘flop out’ and snooze in the open in the spare bedroom. He did squeeze about two weeks worth of hibernation in during the very cold weather in February 2009.

He went into pre-release in early April 2009 and was released two weeks later, weighing around 1.2 kg. He has been seen from time to time in the garden since

(marking : white Tippex C on his back)