2011/07 – Henry

Henry (male)
admitted 30 Apr 11
pre-release 8 May 11
re-admitted 14 May 11
pre-release 25 May 11
re-admitted 23 Jul 11
released to enclosed garden 30 Jul 11
weight : on admittance 816g; 30 July 1039g

Found in Chilwell out during the day, Henry is an adult male who was discovered with pus coming out of his mouth. The rescuers sensibly took him to the vets where he received three antibiotic injections over a 5 day period. He has also lost his left eye.

Despite his seemingly high admission weight of 816g, Henry was actually underweight for his size (not the trademark round shape at all, his bottom end is tapered), so was fattened up and closely monitored to see whether there are any improvements to his eyesight.

Early signs were very good – he was eating very well indeed (72g weight gain within 24 hours, over 900g within 48 hours) and after running around like a loon on the hogspital ward, he was noted to have reasonable eyesight although he did bump into a few things.

He was moved to a pre-release pen so we could observe whether he came out in the day. The good news is he quickly adjusted to life in the pen, and was fully able to distinguish between night and day, staying tucked up in bed during daylight hours.

Unfortunately, the oral infection returned on 14 May 2011 and Henry was re-admitted to the Lodge for further treatment. Further inspection revealed Henry had developed an abscess on his jaw. On 17 May 2011 he underwent a successful procedure under anaesthetic by Emma at Byron Veterinary Clinic to have the abscess drained.

After completing 7 days of antibiotic treatment, Henry was returned to his pre-release pen.

He hibernated twice during June (admittedly it was a colder spell) and sadly seems to have problems with his eyesight in his one good eye. In that regard he will now have to go to an enclosed garden for the rest of his days.

We visited a prospective site in Derby on 23rd July which we were pleased with and the plan was to transfer him that day. Henry, however, refused to co-operate, and was busily hibernating again. His new adoptive parents sadly left without a hog. He was warmed up (as he was cold to touch) and that night he was discovered frantically trying to dig his way out of his pen (which we had moved to get more sunlight onto the pen to discourage further hibernation).

He was brought back inside where he has been monitored for a week. Whilst not eating huge amounts his weight remained constant and his curiosity to ramble around the hogspital ward and beyond (escaped into my bedroom !) continued unabated.

Henry duly transferred to his new home with Colin and Angie on 30 July where he should have a truly wonderful life in their fantastic wildlife garden.


  1. Colin Moss says:

    Hi we have an enclosed garden – surrounded by brick walls and would like to adopt a hedgehog which cannot be released. We nevr use slug pellet and can create what ever we need to make it a good home – we have a lot of slugs too!

    Col and Ang

  2. clayts says:

    Hi Colin

    Whereabouts are you located ?

    I would need to come and do a check over first if that’s okay. Will probably have to be the weekend now though.

  3. Colin Moss says:

    We are in Derby – just to the side of Darley Park. I would prefer to postpone till next week say thur through to sunday. Happy for you to visit and check the garden out. Its very secure unless hedgehogs can climb trees! We will need to build the right home for him etc… Feel free to use my email address for direct contact
    Angela is very excited!


  4. Colin Moss says:

    Hi Can we arrange the visit?

  5. clayts says:

    Hi Colin – I did send you an e-mail on Sunday – check your trash or junk in case it went in there.