2011/06 – Louise

Louise (female)
admitted 6 Oct 10
pre-release 16 Apr 11
released 14 June 11
weight : on admittance 276g, 16 Nov 10 628g
weight at pre-release 16 Apr 11 1620g

weight in pre-release 20 Apr 11 1548g; 15 May 11 1486g

Found in a conservatory in Nuthall, Louise was a perfect little Autumn juvenile in very good condition. The fact she managed to hide away in the conservatory probably meant she avoided the horrible weather at the time of her rescue, which was causing so many problems for other juveniles. The rescuers fed and watered her, and she ate very well here at Snuffle Lodge.

Unfortunately, she experienced problems with worms, a common malady of Autumn juveniles, which meant her appetite decreased slightly, although she was successfully treated for this and she started gaining weight again. It should have been possible to get her into pre-release before early November, but unfortunately, the poor weather arrived just as she reached 600g, meaning her pre-release was delayed until Spring 2011.

In the meantime she packed in as much nesting material as is humanely possible into her sleeping area (and made it impossible to weigh her !) and she had two spells of hibernation in December.

We were in for a nasty surprise when it came to pre-release season the following March – she had quietly ballooned to an incredibly 1620g, and was way too fat to consider releasing. She went into pre-release and was on a calorie controlled diet, and her weight gradually came down to a more manageable level.

She reached the stage when there was only a tiny amount of lab hanging out and, when prodded, she managed to suck that in too to make a perfect, if somewhat large, ball.

She was relocated to Wilford on 14 June 2011 and was immediately released at the site, given she had spent two months in pre-release here at Snuffle Lodge.