2011/07 – Munchkin

Munchkin (male)
admitted 3 Oct 10
pre-release (attempt 2) 9 July 11
released 12 July 11
weight : on admittance 194g, at pre-release 9 July 11 562g, at release 602g

Munchkin was discovered out during the afternoon in the garden of Snuffle Lodge after heavy rains. It is thought he spent the night in the pre-release pen with Prickle, but made a run for it when the rain stopped.

The little fella spent the Winter safe and warm indoors, and initially was very hungry, but finding the right combination of food proved to be tricky as he is a a very fussy hog. He was also treated for worms.

The arrival of a new room-mate, Nobby, also had a very positive effect and has resulted in more significant weight gains for Munchkin, with a 17g increase on 11 Oct 10, although Nobby had to be moved out as he was having significant weight gains and was nearly 100g fatter at the time of the move !

Munchkin started coughing and spluttering again on 24 Oct 10, so underwent a course of antibiotics, which had a positive effect on his appetite. He finally reached 300g on 25 Oct 10 and 400g on 4 November 2010.

Munchkin, despite being the first of the hogs to be overwintered, it was planned that he would be the last to be released in Spring 2011 – this is because we had to give priority to the bigger hogs who were becoming increasingly stressed out at being kept indoors. Munchkin was still quite small for his age.

Unfortunately, like Sonic, he developed some mobility and neurological problems, although not as a advanced as his room-mate. After lots of exercise, including a week outside in a pre-release pen in June (where his weight dropped considerably, so he was readmitted inside), he regained the full use of his limbs, but is still being closely monitored.

His diet was changed completely from June 2011, to a high-protein wet puppy food (after 9 months of trying to get him to eat wet food he finally succumbed on 21 June !). This has had a huge positive impact on his health and well-being, and seen him go from strength to strength, piling on the weight and improving his mobility.

After seeing how well he was moving (and how fast !) on 9 July, Munchkin returned to his outdoor enclosure with a view to a permanent release back into the wild. He celebrated his first night of semi-freedom by demolishing about 150g of puppy food ! We were confident that this time he’d go the whole distance.

And so it proved. Just four days later, at his insistence, Munchkin was allowed to make his way out of the pre-release pen (we quickly weighed him before this) and back to Snape Wood, his place of birth, after an absence of nine months.

As at 2nd August, Munchkin is still living in his pre-release hedgehog box in the Snuffle Lodge garden, although this is no longer in a pen, so he is free to come and go as he pleases.