2011/07 – Mayhem

Mayhem (female)
admitted 18 June 2011
pre-release 28 June 2011
released 8 July 2011
weight on admittance 583g, weight at pre-release 28 Jun 11 785g

Mayhem was discovered out during the day in Ruddington Country Park and was rescued by someone out walking their dogs. Whilst in great body condition, aside from four very fat ticks, Mayhem was very lethargic and unresponsive. She was also dehydrated and had what appeared to be an infected left eye.

On admittance and after warming and a quick slurp, Mayhem tucked into a bowl of kitten food and promptly had a very long nap.

At first it was necessary to pick her up and place her face over the food bowl every few hours when she would fill her face, but by the end of the first night she was happily feeding for herself and staying in her bed during the day.

She piled on the weight in her short stay with us, before being packed off to Laura’s wonderful pre-release site in Wilford where she stayed before returning to the wild on 8 July.