2011/08 – Byron

Byron (female orphan)
admitted 21 June 2011
pre-release 24 July 2011
released 2 August 2011

weight on admission 102g, weight at pre-release 24 July 11 530g;
weight check 30 July 620g; weight check 2 August 665g

Our first tiddler of the season, Little Miss Byron was rescued from a garden in Kimberley and taken to Byron Veterinary Clinic. Aside from some slight dehydration, she was passed fit and transferred to Snuffle Lodge on the same day.

She dived into a saucer of Esbilac and within a few days had progressed to a medley of prescription diet food mixed in with Esbilac.

Her rate of growth was phenomenal – within a week she had virtually doubled her weight and was eating prescription diet food with just a ‘drizzle’ (or should that be a joue) of Esbilac, although this was removed on 27 June.

She was moved out of the Snuffle Lodge nursery cage and is now shacked up in a rabbit hutch indoors (which she chose herself by sniffing frantically at !) – she’d given the fluffy mummy hedgehog and the heatpad the elbow after about three days !

She then dined out onĀ  a mix of Hills A/D and cat food – the A/D was gradually reduced and she went onto a cat food only diet on 6 July. However, she stopped eating the cat food, and we tried kitten biscuits with a small degree of success.

We tried Byron out on puppy food which she took a little while to adjust to, but is now eating well again after a short stall in her weight increases. Most rehabilitators experience problems with hogs stalling with their weight gains, but we’re confident she is past that now, and her development suggests she is not too far away from a pre-release.

She has had a textbook development, quadrupling her weight in four weeks. She is also displaying perfect wild behaviour, running like a loon and hiding or curling up into a ball whenever we approach.

Byron went into pre-release here at Snuffle Lodge on 24 July and a quick weight check on 30 July revealed she was thriving – she had increased in weight by 81g in just 5 days ! After 8 days she decided enough was enough and wedged herself in between her hedgehog box and the pen, a tiny gap. We lifted the pen, weighed her, popped her back in the pen and left it propped open.

An hour later and she was crashing around the garden and by the morning….gone. It remains to be seen if she will come back : some never return, others (like Munchkin) stay around for ages.